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The Coordinadora Catalana de Fundacions, with more than 700 associated foundations, is the only institution of the second level of the world foundation in Catalunya. The association, currently chaired by Eugènia Bieto, represents its members in front of o the government and other political and economic actors.

Its main objective is to provide member foundations with specialist training, legal advisory, tax and accounting and influence to obtain framework legislation that promotes the philanthropy and fundraising. It also promotes the collaboration and work in network among foundations.

The Coordinadora has six commissions integrated by different foundations that work in: Education, Social Action, Health, Technology and Research, Culture and University.

The association has its origins in 1978 when, as a result of the enactment of the Spanish Constitution that recognizes the role of foundations, r, several Catalan foundations took steps to appoint representatives for the sector. After a few years, the Coordinadora Catalana de Fundacions was founded, with the occasion of the promulgation of the first law of Catalan Foundations in 1982.

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