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New Training of the Coordinadora

2020 will be remembered as a year of rethinking what we were doing and, especially, how we were doing it. The beginning of the pandemic (COVID-19) has accelerated changes in the way we work, how we organise ourselves, how we relate to each other and how we train ourselves, which have irreversibly led to the implementation of systems that combine face-to-face attendance with the virtual or online world. These facts have led the CCF’s training service to see the opportunity to make a qualitative leap to promote one of the activities most highly valued by our members.

We have rethought the CCF’s training model with the aim of making the most of the techno-pedagogical aspects of non-attendance training and to respond to many of the challenges that we had already raised before on a recurring basis: how to reach more foundations, to offer courses in the territory, to accommodate more people in a limited space, to offer courses in streaming, to offer courses in the evening or on weekends, to respond to the demand for practical exercises, etc. In short: this leap allows us to expand the portfolio of training activities and add value to the traditional model.

Here you can download the CATALOGUE of courses scheduled from September to December 2021

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