Publications of the Observatory

Directly linked to the mission of the OdF to generate research and knowledge about the foundational world are its publications. Divided into different collections – Research papers, areas, territories and monographs – the proposed contents aim to increase the understanding of the essential concepts of the sector.


Research Papers

A collection dedicated to thought and the construction of discourse based on the understanding of the facts and concepts that run through the whole of the foundational sector.


Series that analyses the main variables of the foundational world segmented by its main areas of action: culture, health, social, education and technology and research.


Because it is not only important how and when, but also where, this collection examines the main traits and characteristics from the foundational sector of the different territories that make up the country.


The Monographs are detailed studies on some aspect or theme relevant to the foundational sector and on which it is necessary to study in depth.

Monthly notes of the OdF